OmniCard launched Premium Payment Keychain in partnership with RuPay On-the-Go

OmniCard launched Premium Payment Keychain in partnership with RuPay On-the-Go

New Delhi (India), April 9: OmniCard has launched its Premium RuPay On-the-Go Contactless Keychain in collaboration with the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI).

OmniCard Keychain provides a completely contactless, safe, and innovative payment experience to its users, along with the primary offering of the OmniCard prepaid card with the app.

OmniCard hosted a Keychain Launch Ceremony to bring OmniCard Keychain to the public officially. The Chief Guest for the event was Mr. Baushuan Ger – Ambassador of Taiwan in India, with other representatives from the Taiwan Embassy & Trade bodies. The launch event also had delegates from NPCI & RuPay On-the-Go team.

Mr. Baushuan Ger – Ambassador of Taiwan in India, said, “It’s a great honor for me to join this very special OmniCard Keychain launch ceremony. This is very good; this payment facility will provide financial solutions to many people in this country. We hope that a lot of people in this country will soon benefit from this facility. And as a representative from Taiwan, we desire to see people like Jason and many other entrepreneurs from Taiwan, very successful entrepreneurs from Taiwan, be here in India.”

OmniCard Keychain is a simple and safe mode of payment for its users to make completely contactless payments instantly. The user can Tap the Keychain on any RuPay contactless-enabled POS machine to make a payment. This wearable mode of payment aims to facilitate payments On-the-Go for its users. The Keychain is not only convenient but also trendy and in style.

The keychain can be controlled in-depth via the OmniCard app; the settings include PIN management, permanently blocking the keychain, or activating/deactivating Keychain. The user can also set a transaction limit on the Keychain to ensure safety. The user can access complete transaction history with multiple filters and insightful analysis. The user can add money to the keychain using the OmniCard app.

Mr. Abhishek Saxena – Co-Founder and COO of OmniCard, said, “We are committed to continuously innovating and delivering unique products and solutions in the Indian payment space. Our vision is to provide an absolute user-friendly, secure and convenient solution to manage the everyday spending needs of an individual. We have added exclusive features such as UPI and ATM withdrawal to secure all the payment requirements of our Omnicard users, thus enabling a seamless omnichannel payment experience. OmniCard aims to secure the financial information of customers to avoid exposure to their bank accounts or credit cards for any potential frauds.”

OmniCard also plans to bring in UPI, ATM Withdrawal, and more wearable devices onboard very soon. OmniCard aims to become an integral part of a user’s daily payments and to offer a holistic payment experience for its users via multiple online and offline modes of payment.

Within the advent of technology and perpetual change, OmniCard aims to make people’s everyday lives easier. OmniCard aims to reach people at the grassroots level to bring about real change in the way people pay.

About OmniCard:

OmniCard is a product of Eroute Technologies, a RuPay powered prepaid card with an innovative mobile app. OmniCard is licensed by the Reserve Bank of India and holds a PPI License (perpetual validity for issuance and operation of semi-closed Prepaid Payment Instruments (PPIs) in India). OmniCard offers simple, fast, and safe payments for its users via multiple payment modes. Blended with innovation, OmniCard provides a personalised, unique and enduring payment experience.

Link to Cover Video – https://netorgft4711418- BczQGDGUSALLKvksOvOhR2Q?e=hxMj0L

Link to LinkedIn post for the same video – eroute_happiness-npci-seshaasai-activity-6902608364891729920-dgOV


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