Hottest new podcast to listen to in 2022

Hottest new podcast to listen to in 2022

April 7: Avi Vatsa launches a new podcast called Slay Your Day Show to bring proven, workable strategies used by the world’s top performers to succeed in their industry. The podcast aims to serve a global audience of young entrepreneurs and professionals who want to succeed in every aspect of their lives.

Some of the most recent guests on Slay Your Day Show are best-selling authors, award-winning photographers and successful entrepreneurs around the world like Bernard Percy (Your Right Career), David Brier (Google’s number rebranding expert and best-selling author of Brand Intervention), Eran Bucai (Digital Marketing Influencer), Craig Alexander (award-winning photographer), Jeremy Ryan Slate (Command Your Brand) and many more.

Avi Vatsa is a serial entrepreneur with more than 12 years of business experience. He is the recipient of several national and international awards for business excellence and also had the privilege of being a startup mentor at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT) Entrepreneurship cell.

He is the co-founder of India’s first Growth-Driven Design Certified Performance Marketing Agency called Growth-Driven Digital. In just one year, Avi and his team were able to scale his agency to an 8-figure digital marketing agency with offices in New York, India and South Africa. Just last year, Growth-Driven helped its clients make over 100 crores in revenue through e-commerce and digital marketing.

After running multiple businesses and wasting hundreds of thousands on marketing agencies, Avi realized that the digital marketing industry was inherently flawed. The traditional website design approach did not work and most agencies were focused on vanity metrics instead of tangible sales. As a small-business owner hiring other agencies, he realized that most agencies were specialized as creative artists or core developers and were missing basic marketing and business knowledge. So he spent 5 years learning digital marketing from some of the top names in the industry, experimenting with techniques, seeing what worked and what didn’t and finally put together a full service digital marketing agency that delivers 360 degree result-oriented marketing services such as branding, web design, web development, app development, software development, paid advertising, social media management email marketing, funnel development, copywriting, YouTube channel management for artists and celebrities. He has worked with some of the top celebrities and brands in India, USA and UK. His agency is also one of the few that is certified by Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Hubspot.

A man of many talents, Avi is also human rights activist, an actor and a social media influencer. Named as one of the hottest influencers to watch out for in 2022, his reels and podcasts have over one lakh views only one week after launching.

As a human rights activist, Avi currently spearheads Youth for Human Rights International’s India chapter, with the goal of having free human rights education for one and all and inspiring youth to become advocates of tolerance and peace. Youth for Human Rights India has over 15,000 registered members, and has reached over 20 crore Indians with its human rights education materials.

As an actor, Avi has performed 97 plays under the banner of Idea Theatre Group led by the legendary director Mujeeb Khan in Mumbai. He has acted as lead in several plays of Manto and Premchand. His favourite play was Badhi Ghar Ki Beti by Premchand.

Additional to his day to day work, he is currently working on startups in the agritech, Edtech and legaltech space incorporating cutting edge technologies and blockchain to disrupt these industries.

You can watch the Slay Your Day Show on YouTube or Listen to it on Spotify. You can get in touch with Avi and learn more through his Instagram channel-@avi_vatsa


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