Inspirational journey of Dinesh Shetty – contestant at India’s Ultimate Warrior reality show

Inspirational journey of Dinesh Shetty – contestant at India’s Ultimate Warrior reality show

March 14: From a suburban Pune boy to making a debut at India’s Ultimate Warrior as a contestant, today we bring forward the inspirational journey of Dinesh Shetty. Until just a few years ago, Dinesh Shetty was one of the millions of Indians trying hard to get that ONE opportunity to fulfil his Dreams into Reality.

Dinesh is a contestant at the most-talked about show of the day- India’s Ultimate Warrior hosted by Vidyut Jammwal. On the show, Vidyut, along with four mentors, will look for the warrior with the perfect blend of physical and mental attributes. The show premiered on March 4 on Discovery+ and March 14 on Discovery Channel.

India’s Ultimate Warrior

The first 2 episodes are live on Discovery’s OTT platform Discovery+ and fans are already in awe with Dinesh and determination on the show. He has been receiving a lot of love on social media. But what’s the backstory of India’s Ultimate Warrior  – Dinesh Shetty?

Who is Dinesh Shetty?

Born in a small house in Chinchwad, Pune and brought up in a very small house in Sahar Andheri East, Dinesh had a rough childhood. Living in a small house in Chinchwad, Dinesh was a born leader. From being the head boy of the school to being the General Secretary of college, Dinesh always had the leadership skills in him. From an early age, he wanted to be a part of the entertainment industry.

While the majority crumble under the immense pressure and give up long before they are able to score their first break, Dinesh clinged on to his dream, “I’ve always believed that my greatest strength is my strong will power and stubbornness to DO IT. If I decide on something then I will never ever stop before achieving it.”

Dinesh Shetty Fitness Mantra

Dinesh’s fitness enthusiasm is visible through his well sculpted body but what inspired Dinesh to embark this journey? “I gained a lot of weight during my job days and reached almost 100kg. I was heavily overweight and one day in a mall I saw myself in the big mirror & boom, that was the day I realised I have to get back into shape. I started slowly and saw where I was. I always say if I can do this, anyone can do this and that too without fancy diets. You can opt for a healthy lifestyle and see the magic happening with your determination.”

Along with being a fitness freak, Dinesh runs his own company – Production Crew but he has one more element to his personality that people hardly know. He is part of many charities and run an NGO “FootSteps” with his friends. “I always loved helping people so I started this Ngo for the people because I believe Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.”

Dinesh is a big time animal lover too. He runs a Riding school and has a rescued one-eye Horse whom he calls his favourite of all. On asking about his experience with the show, Dinesh said, “Amazing! Every day I learnt that there are NO boundaries to what we can achieve with pure determination and devotion. I have learnt a lot from Vidyut and my mentors. I am grateful to be part of such a great show.”

So this was the handsome & fit hunk Dinesh Shetty. The show is live on March 14 on Discovery Channel and for early access you can watch it on the OTT platform of Discovery+. You can learn more about Dinesh and follow him on his Instagram @danshet


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