FICCI FLO to Organize ‘FLO Word Fest’ at Gujarat University

FICCI FLO to Organize ‘FLO Word Fest’ at Gujarat University

March 1: With an aim to providing a robust platform to inculcate the habit of reading books among the citizens and especially the youth in today’s rapidly growing digital era as well as encouraging budding writers, poets and literary figures, FICCI FLO Ahmedabad is to organize a two-day ‘FLO Word Fest’ on 4th and 5th March, 2022 at the Gujarat University. The Word Fest will feature a wide range of Gujarati, Hindi and English language books as well as self-published books, traditionally-published books, children’s books, fiction, non-fiction and general books among others.

The two-day Word Fest will feature a variety of interesting events, including the highly-anticipated presence of well-known authors such as Bhawana Somaaya, Koral Dasgupta, Ravindra Singh, Abhishek Jain, Dr. Nimit Ojha, Priya Narayanan, Utkarsh Patel, Kevin Missal and author and publisher Esther David , Manhar Oza, Revanta Sarabhai in conversation with Yash Vyas & Dr. Prashant Bhimani on Mental Health Awareness, where they will discuss with the public and also present their views on various issues covering all aspects and genres related to literature.

In addition to this a mobile book van was placed at the entrance of Gujarat University under the ‘Book Exchange Drive’ for the last one month. Interestingly, it has collected more than 1200 titles to date which will be given away to the prison inmates, old age homes and mobile library in deprived area.

Commenting on the ‘FICCI Word Fest’, spokesperson of FICCI FLO said, “We are immensely excited to organize a word fest for the book-lovers of Ahmedabad city. It is very essential to inculcate reading habits from the very beginning so as to create a healthy and thoughtful society. Therefore, we have organized the fest with an aim to providing wonderful reading materials to people of all age groups including the youth. It will be beneficial for both of us. We hope that a large number of people will make the most of such a worthy word fest.

Writers from all walks of life will be able to display and sell their books at the Gujarat Publishers’ Book Stall at ‘FICCI FLO Word Fest,’ providing a unique opportunity of Vocal for Local to both budding and established authors. This fest will surely enable authors to present their books to a large number of visitors.


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