Entrepreneur Gaurav, The one liner king behind MildlyClassic

Entrepreneur Gaurav, The one liner king behind MildlyClassic

February 25: Owner of MildlyClassic, the viral page on Instagram, entrepreneur Gaurav has been sharing posts that contain the most relatable thoughts of the people of the young generation around the globe. With more than 16k followers, Gaurav’s posts are one of the most shared posts on Instagram and is called the one liner king of India.

Entrepreneur Gaurav is a writer by profession and has quite a good experience in Theatre and Freelance writing. Gaurav has written a radio drama show, “Friends in a Metro” for Fever 104 FM which was aired nationally. The radio drama had two seasons and 100 episodes. He Has also written, directed and acted in multiple stage plays and street plays and has also been a part of writing teams for social media content for content creators.

Along with the skill of writing, entrepreneur Gaurav is also blessed with the skill of “voice over” artist. Gaurav has worked as a voice actor in radio drama show “Fever prastuti, Ramayan”. He has also worked as a voice actor in radio drama “Manto” on Radio Mirchi and has also voiced several radio ads.

Entrepreneur Gaurav also has experience as a Radio Producer. He has produced Delhi’s no.1 Radio show “The Naved Khan Show” for RJ Naved from 2016 to 2018 and as an interesting fact Gaurav was the man behind several “MirchiMurga” scripts during that period. From quite a long time he has designed and led multiple radio campaigns successfully during his stint with radio mirchi. Gaurav was a part of the launch team and also produced India’s first ever tech show ‘Tech Makhni’ with tech guru Rajiv Maknhi.

Entrepreneur Gaurav’s career went through the skies when he Gained popularity on social media with jokes and witty one liners. His hundreds of tweets have been viral on social media and have been shared on whatsapp widely. He has also been featured in hundreds of articles/listicles. Young influencers and story-tellers should take inspiration from Gaurav, keep hustling and working towards their dreams.


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