os.me launched Karma Program officially

os.me launched Karma Program officially

New Delhi (India), February 9: Once in a while, after a long day of chasing deadlines and meaningless chaos, we all wonder if there is more to life. We feel the urge to find our inner compass to strike a balance. There are also times when we want to be just heard with kindness and empathy. Those are the times; our spiritual thirst heightens. Spirituality appears to be out of sync with our everyday life.

And that’s where internet start-up os.me comes is. In a world full of anxiety induced by an overdose of social media and clickbait marketing gimmicks, os.me is a digital sanctuary for those looking for fulfilment, kindness and spiritual growth without having to renounce the world!

Founded by spiritual leader Om Swami, this platform recently launched the os.me Karma Program that combines the power of technology and writing to drive people towards their truth step-by-step. What’s more, they also grow financially!

Their flagship os.me Karma Program is a safe and no-judgement environment where members earn for writing blogs and interacting with each other on the platform. Both free and premium members can participate in this program. The portal did a beta launch of the program in 2020, soon after the COVID lockdown.

“Many took to the online world during the lockdown, and I wanted to give them a positive and productive reason to be there,” shares spiritual leader Om Swami, founder of os.me. “I find writing highly involving and evolving, so this was a gift from me to anyone who wanted it,” says Swami, a bestselling author of more than 15 books.

Since the launch recently, the international media has dubbed os.me as the kindest and most truthful corner on the internet.

Another way this internet company makes a difference is by ensuring no tolerance towards trolling. They have an intelligent way of curbing cyberbullying. While anyone can become a free member, only paid members can access comments and interactions.

“There are enough places on the web where people are hurtful and insensitive, so it was an absolute necessity for me to ensure os.me always remains a safe, kind and truthful space on the internet,” says spiritual leader Om Swami.

Today, os.me has evolved as a global online community of seekers from all walks of life who practise mindfulness in thoughts, behaviour, and interactions.

“People write about their transformational experiences that inspire, move and motivate. Many os.me members have shared about battling depression or dealing with crises and have found support. People share deeply personal stories, mindful living hacks, and just about anything,” says Medha Shri Dahiya, Editor in Chief, os.me. The bloggers on the platform have earned over $100,000 in less than a year under the Karma program.

More than 8,000 member blogs make for a treasure trove of insightful articles! The portfolio of bloggers boasts Bollywood film writers, entrepreneurs, engineers, doctors, journalists, published authors, monks and more, from all over the world. Swami continues to write insightful articles in his inimitable style full of humour, offering practical advice for your daily conduct and spiritual progress.

“You don’t have to be a great writer, just a compassionate writer to become part of the community and benefit from ‘write and earn’ os.me Karma Program,” says Medha Shri.

If you are seeking your truth, you may find many like-minded individuals and practical advice to discover your hidden potential. This internet start-up is making spirituality accessible and also aiding financial growth.


Founded by spiritual leader Om Swami, the mission of os.me is to create the kindest and the most truthful corner on the internet. It is a troll-free community of seekers wanting to make spiritual progress or tap their hidden potential. The community extends support, suggests solutions and hacks. Om Swami shares his invaluable insights on the website twice a month.


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