Sarfaraz Shaikh and Doss Music present the party number, Chalako Massi by Deep Ohsaan ft. Kuwar Virk and Vishakha Raghav

Sarfaraz Shaikh and Doss Music present the party number, Chalako Massi by Deep Ohsaan ft. Kuwar Virk and Vishakha Raghav

January 22: There are several party tracks that are made every other day. However, only a few manage to strike a chord with the audience and stay iconic. Doss Music presents ‘Chalako Massi’, which is just that foot-tapping Punjabi number to unleash your inner dancer. The song is produced by Deep Ohsaan & Sarfaraz Shaikh and sung by Deep Ohsaan ft. Kuwar Virk alongside Vishakha Raghav.

The poster of ‘Chalako Massi’ has been released, and it will give you the essence of folklore with a contemporary mix. Speaking about this song, producer-singer Deep Ohsaan said that this is his first party number. He added, “This is my first ever party number, and it turned to be one amazing song. Every time I think of the shoot day, I start grooving with the beats immediately. Hope our audience will groove the same way.”

Kuwar Virk, who has also rapped in ‘Chalako Massi’, shared, “The rap in this song is one of my personal favourites. Can’t wait to hear what our listeners have to say.”

Vishakha Raghav, who is killing it with her looks in traditional black attire in the poster of ‘Chalako Massi,’ admitted to having high hopes for this party song. She said, “It was an amazing experience shooting this song. We have high hopes and are really excited to see how people will react on this one.”

Doss Music, spearheaded by Deep Ohsaan and Sarfaraz Shaikh, is known for presenting refreshing and reviting tracks. The multi-talented Deep Ohsaan has produced, sung and acted in ‘Chalako Massi.’

Featuring Vishakha Raghav and Deep Ohsaan, ‘Chalako Massi’ is sung by Deep and ft. Kuwar Virk, lyrics penned by Sukhjeet and directed by Ashish Rai. The poster has already created a stir, and the audience can’t wait to watch the teasers and the whole song.

The event was organised & managed by SK Events & Production.


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