Kalamandir Jewellers: Exquisite Glimpse of Uniqueness

Kalamandir Jewellers: Exquisite Glimpse of Uniqueness

Kalamandir Jewellers Ltd. – A Diamond in the Crown of the Diamond City

Surat (Gujarat) [India], January 1: Kalamandir Jewellers Ltd. was established in 1998, and since then, it has earned the trust of its customers from far and near and has become a symbol of quality and trust. The company has specialized in products such as Gold Jewellery, Jadtar Jewellery, Diamond-studded Jewellery, Precious Stones, 916 Hall Mark Jewellery, to name a few. They are also one of the few jewellery brands across India that laser scribes the gold (and other materials) content weight on the jewellery itself. Under the helm of its Directors, the Shah family, Kalamandir has broadened its horizons and explored the novel world of designer jewellery more than ever before.

Taking proactive action during the lockdown, Kalamandir has launched its latest venture Svaraa-Kalamandir Jewellers Partnership, where at the click of a button and a few swipes, one can choose from a scintillating collection of rings, pendants, earrings, mangalsutras and bracelets, to name a few. With a strong backing of an already robust brand presence through its four successful stores, the online platform will allow Kala Mandir to reach its customers all across the length and breadth of the country. Furthermore Kalamandir has recently entered into a partnership with Forevermark, which allows customers to widen the range of selections of fine diamond and gold jewellery.

Kalamandir is extremely popular for its unique Indo-Italian range of jewellery featuring the use of rose gold. The 18-carat rose gold designs at Kalamandir blend the fine Indian craftsmanship with world-class Italian design has always been an exclusive USP at Kala Mandir. This unique amalgamation has been greatly popular since it especially caters to the taste of the millennials of 21st century India.

Kalamandir also houses pure platinum jewellery; their collections boasts a wide range of exquisitely crafted modern jewellery for modern women and men to suit every occasion. Equally gorgeous is their bridal collection that will augment the glow of the bride on her special day. Kalamandir is not just famed for the hallmark design of their collections but also for the trust they inspire with their purity of very material that goes into the making of every Kalamandir piece of jewellery. Kalamandir was voted the best showroom for bridal collection for 2020-2021 by the Times Icon.

The Shah family has been adorning the wishes of their customers with flawless jewellery and trusted service for over two decades now. But at their core lies their love for the people of Gujarat, and as a way of giving back to society, the directors of Kalamandir are involved in various social causes for the upliftment of education and the health sector in the state. With such purity in intention as well as their jewellery, it is no wonder then that the Kalamandir pioneers are a shining diamond in their own right.


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