FABBEU Launches First Skincare Brand For Gen-Z in India

FABBEU Launches First Skincare Brand For Gen-Z in India

The brand aims at providing skincare products to the younger generation based on their skin types

December 29: FABBEU, India’s first Gen-Z skincare brand, provides its products to customers based on their skin types. Launched on December 24, 2021, in Mumbai, the brand uses AI technology to analyze the correct skin type of customers. FABBEU makes sure that the customers get their skin types assessed within a few minutes to obtain skin care products that best suit them. The company allows visitors to get free skin test reports on its official website – www.fabbeu.com.

FABBEU, an acronym for “Fabulous You”, is founded by Ankiit Khemka, a current MBA student at NMIMS and Bhavana Khemka, a B.Pharma student at NMIMS- two young siblings from Mumbai. The foundation of their venture was laid when they were not able to find skincare products that matched their skin types. On realizing that the majority of the country’s youth is facing similar issues, the young duo decided to make Gen-Z skincare easier and more efficient by launching FABBEU and providing dermatologist-tested skin care products to the customers.

Based on their specific skin types, FABBEU provides its customers with a range of skincare products, including Bluelight Protection Cream, Day Cream, and Facewash. It allows the customers to get their skin analyzed and place orders on the brand’s official website.

Ankiit Khemka, the co-founder and COO of FABBEU, believes that technology plays a major role in fulfilling the needs of the Gen-Z audience in the age of digitization. He says, “Technology is at the heart of this generation and is required to bring about changes that matter. After spending several months researching and trying different ingredients on our own skins, we have been successful in developing skincare products that suit different skin types. We believe that the use of an AI-based skin analyzer would cater to the specific skincare needs of the Gen-Z audience.”

“We have prioritized the safety of our customers while providing them with skincare products. All our products are developed using the best possible formulations that are effective yet safe on the skin of the users,” adds Bhavana Khemka, FABBEU’s co-founder.

Accredited by Startup India, FABBEU plans to make its products available on Amazon, Flipkart, and Nykaa soon. To know more about the brand and its products, visit its official Instagram page (@fabbeu_india).


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