Tathya Foods & Herbals Have More to Offer for Your Healthy Life

Tathya Foods & Herbals Have More to Offer for Your Healthy Life

December 22: TATHYA FOODS & HERBALS came in the market with our ancient methodology of healthy life. Ancient rituals got their new name as Tathya herbal wellness tea. They have varied ranges of A-Grade herbal teas, each with its own distinct flavour including Tathya Vedic kadha, heart care tea, lung cleansing tea, and weight loss slimming tea. Its major emphasis is on the reversal of lifestyle diseases by drinking this tea. It has all of the herbal and ayurvedic benefits for your health. It will provide you with a unique essence of mixed ingredients herbs, as well as a superb flavour and a warm feeling with each sip. Their all products are dependable, hygienic, and secure. Tathya food and beverages meticulously create Ayurvedic cuisine that may integrate into our natural diets and become a way of life rather than having to discover a new diet every time. With a blend of hybrid herbs, authentic organic tea has been produced.

The founder – MRS. SUSMITA DAS (CEO) initiated the idea of making people heal by their herbal and ayurvedic products. They stick to their motto “Everyday Ayurveda”. She wants to let the world know Ayurvedic food is not just about carbs and protein. That’s, why she came up with the ideology, to create food with natural herbs with essentials of mother nature. They provide a product that cures both the body and the soul, resulting in a healthier lifestyle. RB FOODS & BEVERAGES (BRAND- TATHYA FOODS & HERBALS) want to be spread their vision to PAN India as well as the international market with the support of a confident and determined Team. By continuous learning, strategy is practical, professional, and results-driven.



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