The New Era in News & Entertainment with Caru

The New Era in News & Entertainment with Caru

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], November 12: It is not an easy task to create ideas, execute it and succeed. Additionally, one needs to possess excellent organizational and people management skills to build the organization or the venture from scratch.

Caru News is one of those media established by four Visionaries C B Kulkarni, Anupama Charan Suvarna, Vijay Chaudhary and Niyaz Khan, who have broken all the obstacles of the path and has set an OTT media house which commits to give a new era in Media & Entertainment.

The Journey of Success-

The journey to success is never easy. An Organisation encounters many obstacles in addition to pulls, pushes, and many other driving forces along the way. The journey to the Media house was arduous for team Caru News. It took them two years to set up the app, take it to various big platforms like JIO Fibre, Amazon Fire TV, All Smart Television’s, IOS and Android. With a vision to offer new news medium, Caru news was more determined to start OTT News Channel.

Mr.C B Kulkarni resonated with his vision for the future over the top news & entertainment channel and was supported by Anupama Charan Suvarnaa, a Journalism graduate with eight years of experience; this unique idea got thumbs up from other Directors Vijay Chaudhary, Niyaz Khan, which gave them a break they were looking for, and afterwards, there was no turning back.

 Current status-

Today Caru News portal is considered as one of the best portals, and Caru app is almost available in 10 Lac+ households through Jio Fibre, Amazon Fire Tv, Android, IOS and available on all Smart TVs.


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