Sulgi Subah – Musiway

Sulgi Subah – Musiway

September 22: This is a big important occasion for the Indian music world when great legendary singer Shri Udit Narayan and very talented musical duo Ashutosh Singh and Ankur Baranwal have come together for a new project of AshAnx productions Sulgi Subah.

Today on 22 September 2021, in the leadership of co-founder Aarti Mehra, a beautiful introduction defining the song sung is recorded in Mumbai auto-tunes studios.

Video director Dakshh Kumar was also present on this occasion.

Sulgi Subah is the new song of AshAnx productions, coming very soon.

This will be a fusion of classical and modern music by Ashutosh Singh and Ankur Baranwal, and the video will be directed by Dakshh Kumar.

The song will be released on the music label Musiway.



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