Financial Times Three-peat Fuels MonetizeMore’s APAC Expansion: India Leads the Charge

Financial Times Three-peat Fuels MonetizeMore’s APAC Expansion: India Leads the Charge

New Delhi (India), April 10:  Following its third consecutive placement on the Financial Times (FT) 500 list of America’s Fastest-Growing Companies, MonetizeMore, a leading global publisher monetization company and Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP), is excited to announce its strategic expansion plans across the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, with India at the forefront. MonetizeMore has a proven track record of success working with 1,500+ publishers globally, including giants like BoredPanda, Upworthy, and LifeHack. They’ve partnered with leading platforms like IndiaMart and Vikatan Group for ad revenue optimization success in India.

This recognition by the FT and Statista solidifies MonetizeMore’s position as a global ad technology leader and its commitment to empowering publishers worldwide as their preferred AdSense alternative. As a GCPP partner, MonetizeMore offers publishers access to industry-leading solutions and ad optimization expertise, further solidifying their trusted partnerships.

Diversity and inclusion are core values at MonetizeMore, and their growing APAC presence reflects this commitment. MonetizeMore understands the unique needs of APAC publishers and is dedicated to providing them with the tools and support they need to thrive in the digital advertising landscape.

“Our FT recognition for three years in a row is a tremendous honor, and it fuels our expansion plans across APAC,” says Kean Graham, CEO of MonetizeMore. “India, a vibrant market with immense potential, is our key focus area. By leveraging our proven solutions and strong partnerships, we’re confident we can empower APAC publishers to achieve exceptional results.”

Here’s how MonetizeMore empowers APAC publishers:

Increased Revenue: MonetizeMore’s programmatic ad solutions help publishers unlock their full earning potential through higher RPMs with premium ad networks.

– Advanced Traffic Protection: MonetizeMore’s award-winning IVT solution, Traffic Cop, has become a publisher’s shield against invalid traffic and ad setup policy violations (ASPVs). By eliminating these threats, Traffic Cop helps publishers minimize revenue deductions and unlock their full earning potential. 

-Future-Proof Technology: MonetizeMore isn’t merely keeping pace with the cookieless future; they’re actively shaping it for success. By fostering trust with advertisers, they empower publishers to thrive in a privacy-focused world. At the core of their efforts is PubGuru, an industry-leading AI ad management platform driving innovation forward. Soon, PubGuru will introduce features such as in-app invalid traffic prevention and real-time policy compliance checks for brand safety. 

-Intuitive Publisher Analytics: MonetizeMore’s PubGuru offers customizable reports to address complex queries, combining various dimensions such as ad units and geographies. With over 50 ad network integrations, publishers can monitor revenue consistency, detect ad setup issues, and uncover ad revenue opportunities precisely, right down to the most granular detail.

– Customized App Monetization Solution: MonetizeMore’s AI-powered app monetization solution empowers you to maximize your app’s profit potential. Our cutting-edge technology takes the guesswork out of ad optimization, ensuring you see a significant boost in revenue. We understand the importance of maintaining control over your app, so we prioritize ownership for our partners. Combined with complete transparency in our operations, this fosters a strong foundation for a sustainable and long-term partnership.

“Navigating the diverse advertising landscape of the Asia-Pacific region, especially in India, demands a nuanced approach. Drawing from our deep expertise in this market, we recognize the limitations of a one-size-fits-all strategy. MonetizeMore boasts a seasoned team dedicated to crafting tailored adops solutions for the digital publishing sector in APAC. With our customized strategies and relentless efforts, we continue to empower publishers to unlock their ad revenue potential while effectively mitigating the risks of invalid traffic at a sustainable cost,” says Nikhil Mundhra, Head of Business Development, APAC.

MonetizeMore is committed to partnering with Asia Pacific publishers to help them grow their ad revenue, eliminate ad fraud, and achieve long-term success in the privacy-focused era. 

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