COMO Secures Exclusive Partnership with Manaca for Multiple Stores in Goa

COMO Secures Exclusive Partnership with Manaca for Multiple Stores in Goa

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], April 8:  In the sun-drenched ambiance of Goa, the 10th Edition of India Beach Fashion Week (IBFW) unfurled with palpable anticipation and electric excitement. Amidst the glittering array of designers and sponsors, one name shimmered with an unmatched allure: Manaca. 

Reflecting on the triumphant event, the creative genius behind Manaca, designer Manish Bhavnani, was hailed as the new maestro of streetwear, his visionary collections setting the stage ablaze at IBFW Goa 2024. With unwavering resolve, the Manaca team reaffirmed their commitment to pushing the boundaries, embracing the kaleidoscope of street culture with fervent zeal. 

Renowned for its audacious approach to fashion, Manaca embarked on a transformative journey to redefine the very essence of the runway experience with its Street Cult(ure) Show—a spectacle that defied conventions and enraptured audiences with its raw, untamed energy and urban sophistication. 

As the pulsating rhythms of rap anthems reverberated through the air, attendees found themselves transported to the pulsating heart of an urban jungle. Manaca’s Street Cult(ure) Show transcended the mere exhibition of garments; it was a visceral journey into the soul of street culture, a celebration of its diversity and dynamism. Against this backdrop, models strode with an unyielding confidence, adorned in ensembles that pulsated with the heartbeat of the streets, while street performers cast spells of enchantment upon the mesmerized audience. 

Manaca’s collaboration with IBFW Goa 2024, hosted at the opulent Taj Holiday Spa and Resorts, curated under the expert eye of celebrity maven Pallav Ojha, CEO of IBFW, and the visionary force behind Como Collective multi-brand store in Goa, was nothing short of spectacular. From the scintillating resort wear collections to the mesmerizing makeup displays, and the myriad designer showcases, Manaca dared to carve out its own niche, boldly pushing the boundaries of fashion and sparking a dialogue on authenticity and individuality. 

Post-show, amidst the glittering applause, Pallav Ojha, the luminary behind Como Collective stores, inked an exclusive partnership with Manish Bhavnani’s Manaca, granting Como Collective the sole rights to retail Manaca products across their prestigious outlets in Goa. But that was not all. In a groundbreaking move, Pallav Ojha proposed the inception of a bespoke streetwear haven, a joint venture between Como Collective and Manaca, set to grace the vibrant streets of Goa in the near future. 

For Manaca, fashion transcends the mere adornment of the body; it is a canvas for storytelling, a vessel for self-expression, and a conduit for social change. As the curtains descended on India Beach Fashion Week 2024, Manaca had etched its name in the annals of fashion history, igniting a revolution of creativity and expression that would resonate far beyond the shores of Goa. 

As the curtain falls on India Beach Fashion Week 2024, one truth remains undeniable: Manaca has left an indelible mark on the fabric of the fashion world. In daring to be different, in embracing the raw, unbridled energy of street culture, Manaca has emerged as a beacon of innovation, a harbinger of change, setting the stage ablaze for the future of fashion. 

For those eager to delve deeper into Manaca’s visionary initiatives and forthcoming collections, the journey continues at, where innovation knows no bounds and creativity reigns supreme.

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