Singer Guru Randhawa set for Bollywood acting debut with Kuch Khattaa Ho Jaay

Singer Guru Randhawa set for Bollywood acting debut with Kuch Khattaa Ho Jaay

Ahmedabad (Gujarat) [India], February 9: Renowned singer, songwriter, and music composer Guru Randhawa is set for his acting debut in Bollywood with the upcoming romantic comedy movie “Kuch Khattaa Ho Jaay.”

The film also features stalwarts such as Anupam Kher, Ila Arun, Atul Srivastava, Paresh Ganatra, and Paritosh Tripathi in pivotal roles. The lead stars and other cast members were at the Belvedere Golf and Country Club in Ahmedabad to promote the heartwarming family comedy on Friday.

Speaking about the movie, Guru Randhawa said, “Working on Kuch Khattaa Ho Jaay with such a stellar cast was an exhilarating experience. The entire cast and crew have worked very hard to make the movie. It is a complete family entertainer. We are confident that it will strike a chord with the audience and make them fall in love with it.”

The famous singer and composer also expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to make his Bollywood acting debut, saying, “I am thankful to everyone who thought of me for the lead role in the movie. I was always attracted to acting, and being a part of Kuch Khatta Ho Jaay is a surreal experience. Working with a veteran actor like Anupam Kher Sir in my very first movie was like a dream come true. I have learned a lot from him.”

Directed by G Ashok, “Kuch Khattaa Ho Jaay” is the story of a young couple from Agra. It is a heartwarming tale of love, laughter, and a touch of drama, showcasing the struggles and triumphs of Heer and Rani, portrayed by Guru Randhawa and Saiee Manjrekar, respectively. While Heer is least interested in studies, Rani is serious about her career and wants to do something to change the world. Heer continues to support Rani and her dreams, but the family has some other plans. Rani’s plans go for a toss as the family gets them married. But Heer comes up with various plans to support her.

“Kuch Khattaa Ho Jaay” promises to take audiences on a journey filled with love, laughter, and unexpected twists. Produced by Amit Bhatia and Laveena Bhatia, the film is set to hit cinemas nationwide on February 16.

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The much-anticipated ‘Kuch Khattaa Ho Jaay’ trailer is OUT NOW!

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