Indian Budget 2024 Offers Insights for Crypto Investors: 5 Takeaways

Indian Budget 2024 Offers Insights for Crypto Investors: 5 Takeaways

The Indian budget for 2024 has not introduced specific new regulations or tax changes for the cryptocurrency sector directly in its announcements. However, there are significant expectations and discussions within the industry regarding potential changes that could impact the sector:

Taxation and Regulation Clarity

The industry is eagerly awaiting clearer regulations and a more favorable tax regime. The current high tax rate, including a 30% tax on virtual assets and an additional 1% Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) on all crypto transactions, has been a point of contention. Industry experts have suggested a need for clarity in the definitions of virtual digital assets (VDAs), tokenization, and a call for removing the 1% TDS on overseas crypto assets to unlock the full potential of the asset class.

Potential for Regulatory Framework

Although the 2024 budget did not directly address crypto regulations, there’s anticipation for a separate crypto bill that might be tabled in the upcoming Parliament session, which could define the future of crypto in India. This suggests a significant interest in regulating the sector more clearly in the near future.

Focus on Blockchain and Technology

Despite the absence of direct regulation in the budget, the Government’s emphasis on blockchain technology adoption across various sectors highlights an indirect benefit to the crypto ecosystem. This approach suggests a supportive stance towards the underlying technology of cryptocurrencies.

Industry Expectations

The crypto industry has expressed hopes for the budget to include taxation reforms, regulatory clarity, and strategic measures to boost growth. Leaders from major crypto exchanges have proposed reducing the TDS rate to 0.01% to compete globally and have called for specific domestic regulations and funds for blockchain projects to demonstrate real-world utility and innovation.

Broader Economic Impacts

The Union Budget 2024 is key for setting a regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies, especially after India’s G20 presidency. The budget has broad expectations to address economic growth, promote job creation, and manage fiscal consolidation while focusing on sustainable and green initiatives.

While the 2024 budget has not made specific announcements affecting cryptocurrencies directly, the ongoing discussions and calls for clearer regulations and tax reforms from the crypto industry highlight a critical moment for the sector in India. The emphasis on blockchain technology and the anticipation for future regulatory clarity reflects a complex landscape that stakeholders should navigate cautiously, awaiting more definitive guidelines in the near future.

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Karen Mkrtchyan, Crypto Market analyst at

“The Indian Government’s broad embracement of technological innovation signifies a forward-looking stance that acknowledges the importance of technologies in driving economic growth. However, the absence of specific regulatory frameworks or adjustments in tax and TDS structures for the crypto sector within the recent interim budget highlights a continuing uncertainty that has been prevalent in the Indian crypto market, which, like any other, thrives on clarity and stability. Without a defined regulatory path, it becomes challenging for investors, businesses, and consumers to make informed decisions. The Government should engage more with the various stakeholders in the industry, including exchanges, investors, and technology providers, to get valuable insights that will help shape a regulatory environment beneficial to all parties involved,” Karen Mkrtchyan, Crypto Market analyst at says.

Indian Budget 2024 Offers Insights for Crypto Investors: 5 Takeaways - PNN Digital
Gaurav Kumar, Founder and CEO at

We are indeed hoping to progress along the lines of the regulatory framework in the crypto sector, which has been one of the primary speculations all this while. Nevertheless, the Government is wholeheartedly accepting technological disruption in different sectors by emerging technologies like AI, machine learning, blockchain, etc. The adoption of deep tech in sectors like defense indicates a positive sentiment. We do understand that it is an interim budget, and there has been no mention of any regulatory framework or rationalization in tax or TDS structure in regard to the crypto sector, which has been long pending. However, we are hopeful about the coming months and expect to hear encouraging policies soon. Gaurav Kumar, Founder and CEO at, says.

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