Star Imaging & Path Lab organised Preventive Health Campaign for Advocates at Rohini Court Complex

Star Imaging & Path Lab organised Preventive Health Campaign for Advocates at Rohini Court Complex

New Delhi (India), March 29: Dr Sameer Bhati, Director at Star Imaging & Path organised a Preventive Health Campaign to care for Health & Wellbeing of Legal Fraternity at Rohini Court Complex on march 26. The Inaugural Ceremony marked the presence of the esteemed & distinguished members of the Bench as well as the bar. The Campaign aimed at providing Preventive Health Check-Up facilities  & Doctor Consultation so as to identify people in an apparently healthy population who are at higher risk of a health problem or a condition, so that an early treatment or intervention can be offered and thereby reduce the incidence and/or mortality of the health problem or condition within the population.

Sh. Suresh Kumar Gupta, Hon’ble Principal District & Sessions Judge-North West District, Sh. Vimal Kumar Yadav, Hon’ble Principal District & Sessions Judge-North District, Sh. Vinod Kumar, District Judge Commercial Court, North West District, Dr. Sameer Bhati, Director, Star Imaging & Path Lab, Mr. Manjeet Mathur, Honorary Secretary, Rohini Court Bar Association & the advocates together pledged to take a preventive approach for their health & stay one step ahead of the disease. Sh. Suresh Kumar Gupta, Hon’ble Judge said that “This is a welcome move by Star Imaging with Rohini Court Bar Association & it’s high time to focus on one’s health as we have witnessed the Harsh Covid Times.” Dr. Sameer Bhati, Director Star Imaging said that, “Preventive Health Campaign is the need of the Hour. Staying amid pollution with busy & hectic schedules have resulted in ignorance of personal health. We need to make our own laws for our Good Health.”


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