GwalBhog and OM For Khadi Jointly Celebrated Women’s Day

GwalBhog and OM For Khadi Jointly Celebrated Women’s Day

Ahmedabad, March 12: Rejoicing in the ‘Spirit of Feminine Sensibilities’ and honouring the epitome of feminine charms, the all-women initiative ‘OM for Khadi’ together with a fine dine Gujarati Thali restaurant, GwalBhog today celebrated Women’s Day at GwalBhog, Gwalia SBR, Sindhubhavan Road in Ahmedabad.

Having created a unique ambience and exclusive experience for diners with a refreshed look and feel by altering interiors with a new décor in line with the spirits of womanhood in GwalBhog, the Women’s Day was celebrated with utmost zeal and constructive support from various customers, thereby making the event successful.

Empowering, supporting and promoting women have always been the objectives of OM For Khadi. With a fresh partnership with GwalBhog, both of these organizations have played their parts in continuing their efforts in advocating women’s empowerment and recognizing their true selves in breaking the stereotypes.

Women’s day celebrates the contributions of women in different spheres and duly honours the economic, social and cultural achievements of women from all areas of life. The very day spreads awareness about women’s empowerment and gender parity. With all these woman-centric values and indispensable recognition of women from different walks of life, ‘GwalBhog’ and ‘OM For Khadi’ excitedly paid tribute to the womanhood by celebrating their day as they’re the backbone of a stable, thriving and resilient society.

Meeta, the Designer Partner at OM For Khadi, said, “We feel privileged to have had an opportunity to celebrate Women’s Day in our own right with ‘GwalBhog’. Being an all-women organization, we always support an initiative aimed at women. Our sole purpose has always been to empower women associated with khadi-making activities while simultaneously redefining khadi in everyday life. With the ‘Khadi For Fashion and Khadi For Nation’ mantra, we are on a mission to encourage every woman as well as recognize their contribution, thereby advancing their skills, rights and opportunities so that they can be the next leaders and make a difference.”

“Talking on such a meaningful partnership with a women-centric organization like OM For Khadi and celebrating the day with utmost verve, Deepak Sharma, Chairman, ‘Gwalia, “We at Gwalbhog feel privileged to honour the day of women for their invaluable contribution to the society. We have put our heart and soul into embellishing our restaurant so much that it represents women’s power. Our team was thrilled to have celebrated the day with such a unique theme. The new, vibrant and chic look of our restaurant was appreciated by scores of customers, thereby fulfilling our endeavours in its true sense.”