Furo Sports Shoes, increasing focus and demand amongst youth

Furo Sports Shoes, increasing focus and demand amongst youth

March 3: FURO Sports, the sports footwear brand of Leayan Global Private Limited, is geared up for increasing focus on youth. Furo Sports Shoes range widely available for men and women both and available across all sales vertical, be it multibrand stores, Company exclusive stores and E commerce platform too.

Mr. Shivam Chaturvedi (National Sales Head) elaborated ‘With the music video and 360 degree campaign we launched short while ago highlighting brand tagline “Got Furo Got Grip“ also helped us in establishing further brand recall and creating demand among youth and this credit also goes to our distributors and retailers who helped us in spreading our range to every nook and corner.

This ad campaign is consistently under promotion across digital media, print, cinema and enhanced visibility at multibrand retailer shops.

Looking at encouraging response and increasing focus of our target consumers on fitness, wherein Sports Shoes play a crucial role in one’s life style – we are further adding to width and depth of our range and shortly going to extend our ad campaign to the other states too, which would be announced soon.


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