Moris PR Introduces Revolutionary And Specialised Pr Campaigns

Moris PR Introduces Revolutionary And Specialised Pr Campaigns

February 23: As digital technology invades everyone’s life like a companion, being present virtually has become a necessity. Today, people from all walks of life are reliant on digital technology, and smartphones have enabled us to transcend beyond the physical limits. Today, we have the privilege to “Google” anything, something that wasn’t possible three decades ago. Since the digital revolution has arrived, businesses have the opportunity to market and sell themselves to a global audience never seen before, through digital marketing and social media. Through the right online marketing strategy, businesses can increase their growth by 90 times.As a boutique PR agency, Moris PR is also at the same time working to help businesses leverage the power of digital marketing to increase their online presence. Moris PR specializes in consumer lifestyle PR campaigns for both established and emerging companies, including accessories, fashion, beauty, entertainment, food, beverage, travel, and tech.

After around 4 years of hard work, Moris PR is the world’s largest professional digital marketing agency with over 1.9 million members in more than 11 countries worldwide. It is a digital & social media marketing, public relation & IT Solution agency that deals with celebrity & influencer marketing, social media & digital marketing, SEO, PPC & online reputation, PR, media relations, and blogger & digital relations.

Yasika Basnett’s story is one such story of grabbing the right opportunity with correct strategies to start from nothing and making a company that is now the world’s leading 360 degree communications and marketing agency, which includes PR, digital marketing, social media advertising, social media management, talent hunt, celebrity management, digital film production, and lead generation.

An ordinary girl with extraordinary dreams, hailing from Sikkim, came to Kolkata to find her passion while pursuing her studies and landed up a job. But, she had aspirations to reach the horizon.  Sought to start a business, Yasika founded Moris Talent Hunt, which is now the world’s leading online Casting and Talent Management portal. Being a one-of-a-kind digital portal, it strives to eliminate the perennial woes of entry into the entertainment industry, allowing talented people to showcase their art in a most convenient and cost-effective way.

Another extension of Moris is Moris Gigs, India’s largest online celebrity management portal, which assist in booking a celebrity for an event or brand endorsement without any hassle and saves the business the trouble of going through a tiring process. Moris Film Production produces short format of digital films, including web series & 60 minutes web films for various internet platforms and for studios in India & abroad.

Amidst the booming virtual space, building a strong social media presence, utilizing digital marketing and influencer marketing for optimal results, and web-friendly content creation that would put you on the Google’s first search page are challenges for people who want to flourish and generate leads for their businesses. Public relations is a thriving field and can help an individual or a business in all these aspects.  With the successful venture, Yasika’s vision was to expand Moris’ horizon by leveraging the strengths of Public Relations. The vision turned into a reality with Moris PR in 2018.

One of the most revolutionary steps Moris PR has taken since the beginning is providing high-quality PR and media coverage to start-ups and entrepreneurs who were priced out of a broken PR industry. The agency delivers its services in a cost-effective way to negate the notion that PR is massively expensive.

Each company is different and so are its needs – with this belief, Moris promotes one-to-one attention and a tailored approach. Moris PR helps the client in content management and to communicate their stories effectively to gain optimal exposure and generate sales.

Living in an era where digital presence has become crucial for every professional and business, Moris goes all out to create an excellent digital presence for a brand, while not ignoring the traditional PR. What makes Moris unique is its path-breaking choice to exist in the digital space, instead of physical infrastructure, and for people to join the team from across the globe.  The idea of working from anywhere gave a boom to the company amidst the pandemic and in return, the company gave employment opportunities to professionals to work from home while staying safe.

The full-time work-from-home approach of Moris PR helps people to work in the comfort of their homes and strike a good work-life balance. Employees can dedicate their time to work without the long hours of commute. The company also believes in treating each client with uniqueness, care, and lends an ear to come up with effective solutions for their problems.  Moris PR strives to provide an open and friendly environment to its employees and clients. The possibilities and milestones to achieve in the future are limitless and boundless for Moris PR agency just like its digital presence.

Success stories like these encourage more people to work toward achieving their aspirations, no matter where they come from. Moris PR is a result of a strong vision and collective hard work and dedication of employees across the globe. But, it started with a small-town girl with massive dreams in her eyes who believed in herself and no matter how many hurdles she had to crossover, she turned her ambitions into reality Connect Moris Public Relations agency, the world’s largest professional digital marketing agency www.morispr.comMoris keeps up associations with the top social Celebrities and media influencers in the space and is on a consistent journey to recognize up-and-coming appearances and miniature influencers for specialty socioeconomics.


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